Jun – Fan Jeet Kune Do

Translated from Cantonese, Jeet Kune Do means “way of the intercepting fist” hence there is a primary emphasis on stop hitting and intercepting an opponent’s attack or his limb upon his initial attempts at aggression. Created by Bruce Lee and perpetuated by Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo, JKD stresses that the practitioner be well versed and proficient in all 4 ranges of combat : Kicking, Punching/Boxing, Trapping (Hand immobilization, Nerve destructions, Strikes using head butts, knees, elbows and some joint locking) and Grappling (joint locking, throwing, submission and ground wrestling).

JKD is a very PERSONAL concept. It grows as the practitioner grows and is more than just a myriad of techniques. It is the ability to flow from one art to another or flow from one range of fighting to another range.

Jeet Kune Do is about experience and adaptability. A practitioner is encouraged to be non-biased and may “borrow” a technique from any style of Martial Art (whatever works) because combat is randomly unpredictable and everyone must reach their own conclusion. Ultimately Jeet Kune Do is a theory for life, a vehicle for self-expression that uses physical combat as its’ testing ground.